Continuing Education

Annual CE Requirements

  • Licensees must complete at least 10 hours of continuing education (CE) annually based on the license expiration date and directly pertaining to the profession in which the individual holds a license issued by the Board.

    • At least 1 of the 10 hours must relate to any of the following: ethics, cultural competence, cultural humility, culturally responsive practices or diversity, equity and inclusion

    • Dispensing Audiologists: At least 3 of the 10 hours must relate directly to the practice of fitting and dispensing hearing aids

  • Hours completed in excess of the required 10 may not be carried over/counted for the next year.

Special Circumstances

  • New Graduate Exemption: This one-time exemption is available to licensees who: 1) Hold a Standard or Provisional license issued no later than 12 months following their graduation from an educational program accredited by an agency approved by the Board; AND 2) Are renewing this license for the first time.

  • Extensions: As needed at the time of renewal, a licensee may request an extension of up to 30 days to complete continuing education. 

Acceptable CE Activities

  • All courses that have been approved by the following:
    • International Institute for Hearing Instruments Studies of the International Hearing Society
    • American Academy of Audiology
    • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
    • Academy of Doctors of Audiology
    • Educational Audiology Association
  • Courses that are directly related to your profession through an accredited provider of continuing education

  • Attendance at a course or program conducted by a university, school district, hospital or similar entity.

  • Attendance at a workshop, seminar, demonstration, meeting or lecture

  • Making a presentation at a workshop, seminar or similar function. Credit is allowed for time spent on both preparation and presentation. The greatest number of hours allowed for presentation is 8 hours during any one licensing period. Credit claimed for preparation may not exceed 50 percent of the number of hours credited for presentation.

  • Publication of material in a professional journal or equivalent periodical or work. The Board will determine the number of hours allowed for credit under this paragraph, but the greatest number of hours allowed is 8 hours during any one licensing period.

  • Participation in a planned observation or visit which is part of a clinical program if prior written approval for the activity is obtained from the Board

  • Completion of an Internet course that includes a pass/fail test or grade

  • Other CE Activities Not Listed: The Board will consider written requests from licensees for other types of CE activities not covered in the list above. The written request must be made before the license renewal date. If the written request is not granted, the Board may allow additional time for the licensee to complete additional CE activities needed to fulfill the annual requirement.

CE Activities NOT Accepted

  • Reading journals or articles

  • Foreign language courses

  • CPR/First Aid courses

  • HIPAA courses

  • Billing procedures courses

  • Video or online courses that do not have a pass/fail test or grade

Maintaining & Auditing CE Records

  • The Board does not maintain transcripts of licensee CE activities.

  • Licensees are responsible for keeping legible copies of all receipts, records of attendance, certificates and any other evidence of their CE activities for at least three (3) years after the completion of the course.

  • CE activities must be listed on all license renewal and reinstatement applications, but supporting documentation is NOT required.

  • The Board will conduct random audits of licensees to ensure compliance with CE requirements and licensees must be prepared to submit supporting documentation of CE activities upon request.

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