Licensing Overview & FAQs

Who We License

A license issued by this Board is required of anyone seeking to practice any of the professions listed below in Nevada OR treat a Nevada resident, regardless of the practitioner’s residency or licensure status in another state. Please choose the practitioner type below to learn more about license types offered. 

Our Board does not license the following: 

  • Audiology & SLP Assistants: The Board has discussed this as a possible future legislative priority, but there are no immediate plans to make this change. You may follow the Board's work on our Meeting Agendas & Minutes page.  
  • School-Based Licensing: This Board does not have authority over licensing in public educational settings in Nevada, though some individuals may hold a license or endorsement with both entities. Persons seeking school-based employment/licensure may learn more through the Nevada Department of Education website or by emailing

License Types

Depending on the practitioner type and need, we offer 5 license types:

  • Standard
  • Temporary
  • Provisional 
  • HAS Apprentice
  • Limited

Application Processing

All new applications and payments are accepted online through our website. The Board will accept a check by mail, but this is not the preferred method of payment and will delay application processing, as the application review will not begin until payment is received. Once a complete application and payment are received by the Board office we typically issue the license within 3-5 business days. Applicants are notified via email and sent a PDF copy of the license.

Licensed in Another State?

Any person seeking to practice one of the professions licensed by this Board in Nevada OR treat a Nevada resident, regardless of residency or licensure status in another state, must obtain a Nevada license to do so. 

An applicant for a Standard Audiologist or SLP license, including military-affiliated applicants, may request Expedited License by Endorsement in the online application if they meet specific criteria. Please see our License Reciprocity page for more information.

  • Licenses from other states are not automatically recognized by this Board and do not allow a practitioner to treat a Nevada resident.
  • Licenses from other states may not be "transferred" to Nevada. 
  • Our Board does not currently participate in any interstate licensing compacts.
  • Anyone seeking Nevada licensure must submt an application for the practice/license type that applies to them. 

Military Members, Veterans, & Spouses  

A 50% discount on initial licensing fees is available for all military members, veterans, and military/veteran spouses. When completing the online application, military affiliation must be affirmative where requested and supporting documentation must be uploaded into the application. The system will automatically adjust the fee due at the time of submission and payment.

Criminal History, Child Support, & Professional Licensing Actions

Child Support

NRS 425.520 mandates that applicants for state and locally issued licenses must answer three questions related to child support when applying for or renewing a license. Per NRS 637B.166, the Board may not issue or renew the license if the applicant:

  • Fails to answer the child support questions; or
  • Answers that they are NOT in compliance with a child support order. If an applicant indicates this, the Board must advise them to contact the entity enforcing the order to find out how to satisfy the arrearage. 

Criminal History & Professional Licensing Actions

Our Board does not complete criminal background checks, but applicants must answer a series of self-attestation questions related to criminal history and professional licensing actions when applying for or renewing a license. Any affirmative response requires an explanatory statement and supporting documentation of the incident and its resolution. Per Board policy, the Board’s Executive Director will review the application and either 1) make a determination on the matter or 2) place the matter on the agenda of the next meeting for a review by the Board.

Pre-Licensing Determinations

Assembly Bill 319 (2019) allows individuals to petition a professional or occupational licensing board for a determination of whether the person's criminal history will disqualify them from obtaining a license. Please visit our Pre-LIcensing Determinations page to learn more.  

License Renewal

All renewals are completed through our online renewal page. It is the professional responsibility of the licensee to ensure their license is renewed in a timely manner. Renewal reminders are sent to the email on record multiple times prior to expiration and licensees should check spam/junk mail folders as these messages are sometimes caught there. 

License Conversions

Some license types may be converted - please see our Conversions page for more information. 

License Reinstatements

Standard licenses may be reinstated within three (3) years of expiration. Please see our Reinstatements page for more information on applying for reinstatement. 

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