Jurisprudence Exam


Jurisprudence exams protect the public by measuring a practitioner’s knowledge of their state’s practice rules and regulations and are common to many licensed professions.
All current and potential licensees should be familiar with the practice act and rules under which they are applying or licensed to work.

History & Mandate

A 2020 revision to NAC 637B granted the Board authority to consider requiring applicants take and pass a Jurisprudence Examination as a condition for initial license or reinstatement of an expired license. In 2021, the Board voted to pursue development of the Jurisprudence Exam, with the goal of developing an optional exam to deploy in January 2022, followed by a required jurisprudence exam with a deployment date to be determined.  

The exam is currently OPTIONAL and encouraged for all new applicants and renewing licensees.


  • This jurisprudence exam is a test of Nevada state laws and rules related to the practice of speech-language pathology, audiology, and hearing aid dispensing.
  • The exams are specific to license type, and contain 25 total questions: 20 general and 5 practice-specific questions. 
  • Questions are posed in multiple/choice and true/false format. Please choose the correct response for each.
  • The exam is in an online, one-question-at-a-time format designed in Google Forms and will require an email address. 
  •  We encourage an “open book” setting and examinees are encouraged to become familiar with navigating the Board’s practice laws and regulations:
  • Once the exam is complete, you will be given the opportunity to review your responses. Guidance on the correct responses will be provided with references/links to applicable sections of the NRS/NAC.

Take the Exam

Test your knowledge! Please choose the link below for your field of practice: 

Dispensing Audiologist             
Speech Language-Pathologist                                         
Hearing Aid Specialist                                     
Hearing Aid Specialist Apprentice             


Please feel free to email the Board office or use the Contact Us link to provide feedback about the exams. 

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