Board Member Recruitment 2023

Apply to Join Our Board!

Two (2) seats will be vacated in July 2023. Per NRS 637B.100 and based on current Board composition, the following seats need to be filled:

  • One (1) Audiologist OR Dispensing Audiologist*
  • One (1) Speech-Language Pathologist working/practicing in a University or Hospital setting


  • Must have practiced, taught or conducted research in their profession for the 3 years immediately preceding the appointment.
  • Must hold a current Nevada license issued pursuant to NRS 637B.
  • May not be a stockholder in a manufacturer of hearing aids     
Time Commitment & Reimbursement
  • Members are appointed to one initial 3-year term and may be reappointed for a second 3-year term, serving no more than two terms.
  • The Board typically meets 4 times per year, but may add additional meetings as needed to address emergency, disciplinary, or other matters.
  • Meetings are typically held on weekday afternoons and usually take between 1 to 3 hours. Meetings are hosted from the Board office in Reno and accessible via Zoom, so members may participate in person or virtually.
  • Members are reimbursed $75 for teleconference and $150 for required in-person meetings per NRS 637B.130.
  • Attendance at every meeting is highly encouraged/appreciated, however not every member is always able to attend. To take action on any agenda item, the Board must have a quorum (majority) attending a meeting, so 4 of 7 members.
  • *Dispensing Audiologists: The Board also has an Advisory Committee on Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids, which is composed of two Board members (a Dispensing Audiologist and a Hearing Aid Specialist). Once new Board appointments are made, a Dispensing Audiologist must be reappointed to this Committee to replace the member terming out. If appointed, this may require an additional time commitment.
  • Application must be made to the Governor’s Office, whose staff will review and make these appointments independent of the Board.
  • Please note that the vacancy list will not show these vacancies yet, as the terms have not expired, but applications are still accepted.

We encourage anyone who is interested to apply early so there is ample time for application review and appointment to avoid gaps in membership. Please contact the Board office if you have additional questions.

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