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New Licensing

Who We License

Who may be licensed by this Board?
Our Board licenses the following:
  • Speech-Language Pathologists, both Standard and Provisional

  • Audiologists and Dispensing Audiologists

  • Hearing Aid Specialists and Hearing Aid Specialist Apprentices

What types of licenses does Nevada offer and what is required for each? 
Please visit our Licensing Overview & FAQs page for answers to these questions and links to the requirements for each license type.
Does Nevada license Audiology or SLP Assistants? 
No. The Board has discussed this as a possible future legislative priority, but there are no immediate plans to make this change. Those interested may learn more about this work by visiting our Board Minutes page.
Does this Board license school-based SLPs?
No. Nevada Administrative Code 391.370 requires an endorsement issued by the Department of Education (DOE) to teach students in public educational settings with speech and language impairments. This includes a provision for a person holding bachelor’s degree, who would not otherwise qualify for a SLP license from this Board. These practitioners are limited to only working within the scope of their DOE employment under the DOE endorsement, and MAY NOT engage in private practice outside of that role , which would be considered unlicensed practice. Please visit the DOE website for more information. An SLP employed by a public educational institution AND holding a license issued by this Board is only subject to this Board’s practice laws and regulations with respect to any private practice/contract work they engage in. 


What are the fees for a new license?
Please visit our Licensing Fees page for current rates.
Is there discount on fees for military-affiliated applicants?
Yes, we offer a 50% discount on initial licensing fees for all military members, veterans, and military/veteran spouses. The online application will ask for this information and calculate the discount at checkout.


Can I transfer my license from another state?
No, Nevada does not currently accept “transfers” or participate in an interstate licensing compact. An applicant for a Standard Audiologist or SLP license may request Expedited License by Endorsement in the online application if they meet specific criteria. Please see our License Reciprocity page for more information. Practitioners licensed in another state may visit our Licensing Overview & FAQs page to learn about applying for a Nevada license.


Do I need a license in Nevada for Telepractice?
Yes, depending on your situation. Per NRS 637B.244, both Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists are eligible to engage in telepractice in Nevada. The practitioner must hold a Nevada license if they are AT LEAST ONE of the following: 
  • Are a Nevada resident/moving to Nevada
  • Are providing telehealth services to a Nevada resident
Nevada does not participate in an interstate licensing compact/reciprocity agreement with any other state, so those wishing to obtain licensure may consider either a Standard or Temporary license, depending on their needs. Those who are residents of another jurisdiction traveling to Nevada temporarily and providing telehealth to persons outside Nevada are not subject to the Board’s jurisdiction.

Pre-Licensing Determinations

How can I find out before applying if I am eligible to be licensed?
Assembly Bill 319 (2019) allows individuals to petition a professional or occupational licensing board for a determination of whether the person’s criminal history will disqualify them from obtaining a license. Please visit our Pre-Licensing Determinations page for instructions on making a request.

Processing Applications

How long will my new application take to process?
New applications and payments are submitted online through our website. The Board will accept a check by mail, but this is not the preferred method of payment and will delay application processing, as the application review will not begin until payment is received. Once a complete application and payment are received by the Board office we typically issue the license within 3-5 business days. Applicants are notified via email and sent a PDF copy of the license.

Hearing Aid Dispensing

Do Audiologists need an additional license to fit and dispense hearing aids?
Yes, Audiologists who wish to fit and dispense hearing aids must hold a Dispensing Endorsement that is an add-on to the Standard license and requires an additional fee.
What examinations are required to fit and dispense hearing aids?
Hearing Aid Specialists and Dispensing Audiologists who wish to engage in the practice of fitting and dispensing hearing aids in the State of Nevada must complete both the International Hearing Society ILE Written Examination and Practical Examination. Learn more on our Dispensing Examinations page.

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Current Licensees

Renewing a License

When can I renew my license?
The system will allow you to log in and renew once you are within 60 days of expiration, and up to 30 days following expiration for an additional fee.
What if I am 30 days past my license expiring?
Once a license expires it enters a 30-day late period during which you may still renew online for an additional fee. Beyond 30 days you must apply for a License Reinstatement. Please note that this may require a review by the Board at its next meeting if you have continued to practice in Nevada since the license expired.
Will I get a reminder to renew my license?
Yes, our database sends an auto-reminder email 60 days prior to expiration, but please check spam/junk folders for these. Board staff also manually send out reminders each month to those expiring in the current and upcoming months.
Do I need to let the Board know if I plan to let my license expire?
No, there is no need to notify us, but you will continue to receive renewal notices until 30 days past the expiration date and may disregard these.
I tried to log in and renew and got a message saying I am “ineligible to renew”?
It is likely because you are either:
  • Too far out from your expiration date (must be within 60 days); or
  • Not entering your license number correctly. Please ensure you include all letters and the dash between, and if applicable, any words when entering your license number: i.e. HAS-200, SLP-500, AUD-400 Dispensing, SLP-900 Provisional, HAS-2000 Apprentice.
I am having trouble logging in to see my information and/or renew?
There may be several reasons for this:
  • Please ensure you are on a computer, as mobile phones and tablets are not compatible with our system.
  • Ensure you include all letters and the dash between, and if applicable, any words when entering your license number: i.e. HAS-200, SLP-500, AUD-400 Dispensing, SLP-900 Provisional, HAS HAS-2000 Apprentice.
I submitted my renewal and paid the fee, but received a message saying my “application is under review”?
This is normal if any of the scenarios below are relevant to your application. There is no need to contact us, as the system will notify us of the application needing review and we will process and contact you as needed.
  • If you answered “yes” to any of the legal attestation questions; or
  • If you requested an extension or New Graduate Waiver for Continuing Education.

Continuing Education

How many hours of continuing education are required?
Licensees must complete at least 10 hours of continuing education annually based on the license expiration date and the content must directly pertain to the profession in which the individual holds a license issued by the Board. At least 1 of the 10 hours must relate to any of the following: ethics, cultural competence, cultural humility, culturally responsive practices or diversity, equity and inclusion. *Dispensing Audiologists Only*: At least 3 of the 10 hours must relate directly to the practice of fitting and dispensing hearing aids. Hours completed in excess of the required 10 may not be carried over/counted for the next year. Please visit our Continuing Education page for more information.
Can I request an extension on Continuing Education?
Yes, there are two scenarios that may apply:
  • More Time Needed: When completing the renewal application, there is an option to request an extension. Please note that your renewal will not automatically process, and we will have to review and manually issue if the extension is granted. There is no need to contact us, as we will be alerted by the system and reach out to you. Please note that there must be a legitimate reason for this request, and no more than 30 days can be granted for an extension.
  • New Graduate Waiver: A one-time exemption is available to licensees who 1) Hold a Standard or Provisional license issued no later than 12 months following their graduation from an educational program accredited by an agency approved by the Board AND 2) Are renewing this license for the first time. When completing the renewal application, there is an option to request an extension. Please note that your renewal will not automatically process, and we will have to review and manually issue if the extension is granted. There is no need to contact us, as we will be alerted by the system and reach out to you.

Obtaining a License Copy

How do I obtain a copy of my license?
Please visit our Print License/Update Info page to log into the system and print a copy.  

License Verifications

How do I request a License Verification?
Please visit our License Verification Request page to submit your request and pay the $25.00 fee. If there is a specific form your recipient requires, please also email that to us at  Please allow 2-3 business days for processing. We will send the verification through the method you request (mail and/or email) and notify you when it is completed.

Updating Contact/Employment Information

How do I notify the Board of an address, email, phone, and/or employer change?
Please visit our Print License/Update Info page to log into the system and update your information. 

Name Changes

I legally changed my name, what should I do?
Please log into your record through the Print Your License/Update Information page and make the needed change to your name. You must upload supporting documentation in the form of a legal court document (i.e. marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, etc.), as the Board does not accept a Driver’s License or Social Security Card. Your request will be sent to Board staff for review and once approved, your name will be updated and Board staff will email you a copy of your revised license. 

R E T U R N   T O   T O P

Reinstating a License

How can I reinstate my expired Nevada license? 
Any Standard SLP, AUD, or HAS license expired more than 30 days, but less than 3 years may be eligible for a license reinstatement. Please visit our License Reinstatement page for more information. Please note that if you have continued to practice in Nevada since your license expired, your application may require additional review by the Board. Anyone who previously held a Nevada license that is expired more than three years should apply online as a new applicant

Converting a License

Converting License Type (i.e. Provisional to Standard)

How do I convert my license type?
Please visit our Conversions page and follow the instructions for your conversion situation.

Converting License Status (i.e. Active to Inactive)

Can I convert my license to Inactive Status?
Yes, however this conversion may ONLY be done at the time of license renewal and our practice law requires that you still continue to complete the same required annual Continuing Education hours while in inactive status. This change lower the annual renewal fee to $75.00. Alternatively, you may choose to let the license expire if you are no longer practicing in Nevada with the option to apply for Reinstatement within 3 years.
How can I convert my license status from Inactive to Active?
There is an option to request the change in the renewal application or you may request to convert back to active status at any time. Please visit our Conversion Payment page to pay the fee and Board staff will make the change. You will be notified when the conversion is complete. 

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License Lookup

How can I look up a practitioner’s license history?
Please visit our License Lookup page to look up a licensed practitioner and view disciplinary history.

Complaints & Unlicensed Practice

How can I file a complaint against a practitioner?
Please visit our Complaints page for information on filing a complaint against a Board licensee.
How can I report unlicensed practice?
Please visit our Unlicensed Practice page for information on filing a report regarding alleged unlicensed practice. 

Disciplinary Actions

How can I see records of Board disciplinary actions?
Board actions are reported to the Nevada Legislature on a quarterly basis and may be accessed through their website. Please note that only Board orders, the charging documents filed to initiate disciplinary action , and all documents and information considered by the Board when determining whether to impose discipline are public records. The Board’s complaint/investigation records are confidential per NRS 637B.288 unless the person submits a written statement to the Board requesting that such documents and information be made public records.

Mailing Lists

How can I order a mailing list?
Please visit our Mailing Lists page for instructions on ordering a mailing list. Please note that the mailing list will ONLY include names and mailing addresses. Telephone numbers and email addresses are NOT included.

Public Records Requests

How can I request public records from the Board?
Please visit our Public Records Requests page for instructions on requesting public records. 

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