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Board Composition & Current Members

Our Board consists of seven (7) members appointed by the Governor and advisory members appointed by the Board. The Board is composed of the following practitioner types and numbers in accordance with our law:

  • Three (3) license speech-language pathologists
  • Two (2) licensed audiologists
  • One (1) licensed hearing aid specialist
  • One (1) public member
  • Advisory members

Current Board Members

Name Location Term Expires
Tami Brancamp, SLP, Chair Reno July 1, 2023
Andrea Menicucci, SLP, Vice Chair Reno July 1, 2021
Minnie Foxx, Public Las Vegas July 1, 2023
Michael Hodes, AuD Reno July 1, 2023
Timothy Hunsaker, AuD Las Vegas July 1, 2022
Bonnie Lamping, SLP Las Vegas July 1, 2022
Thomas Rainford, BC-HIS Las Vegas July 1, 2021

Apply to Join Our Board!

Recruiting for Board members! One (1) position open on July 1, 2021 for a Hearing Aid Specialist. Apply directly to the Governor's office.

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